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Stone Pen Holders

Handcrafted solid stone pen holders by GW Pens

Handcrafted solid stone pen holders by GW Pens


Whenever I make a pen that has 2 parts, like a cap and a body or a twist pen with an upper and lower section, I always make sure to line the pieces up so there is visual continuity. But as I cut pieces of stone from larger blocks I’m often left with smaller pieces that aren’t quite long enough for a full sized pen. In some cases I can use these on smaller pens that only use 1 piece of material. But others might just not fit the bill. So what is a pen maker to do?

I’ve been wanting to offer a line of handcrafted pen holders for some time. But it wasn’t until just the other day when I stepped into my workspace and had the idea- to use these shorter pieces for pen holders! Each one measures just over 2″ long and is approximately 1″ tall and 1″ wide. The ends are rounded and there is a nice, smooth groove for your favorite pen to rest either capped or uncapped. The stone is then sanded to finish the shaping before being wet sanded to remove the scratch marks. Lastly it is buffed to a high, natural gloss and sent to the engraver for “GW Pens” to be lasered into the bottom. Each one has the same level of quality and craftsmanship as one of my handcrafted pens.

The holders are $40 each and are listed under my Writing Accessories section. The ones you see are the actual holders you will receive. Although at the time of writing this only black and red are available, I have stone to also make these in white, gray, blue, or orange. If I’m sold out or you don’t see a color you want, feel free to Contact Me for a custom order at no additional charge!


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