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If you are a returning reader, you probably notice the blog has been given an overhaul. And even the title of the blog, as well as my company itself, have new names. What started out 6 years ago (April 25th, 2008) as a wooden toy company was aptly named Greco Woodcrafting. But for the past 4 years I have focused specifically on pens. And in that time, I have branched out into using all sorts of materials for my pens that would never be used for a toy. I doubt you’ll ever hear, “Here ya go, little Timmy. Play with this nice chunk of white marble.”

And so, I started to think about what would be a suitable new business name that wouldn’t stray too far from the recognition Greco Woodcrafting had developed. I was already using the GW in a custom logo, which I think helped nudge the decision to use GW Pens. With the new name came some of the usual- a new website, new email address, paperwork changes at the bank (after the State approved the new name, a lengthy process in itself). But some other things will remain- my blog url, as well as my facebook page (apparently they like to just decline page name change requests and not give any follow up, but I’ll try not to rant about that here).

So! Here we are. With a new name. But has anything really changed? Shakespeare seems to think a name is just a name, and I have to agree. You can still expect the same level of craftsmanship. OH! I almost forgot, there is 1 other small change.


To celebrate the new name and 6 years in business I am offering 10% off any purchase at the new site, now through April 27th, 2014. Just enter NEWNAME10 during checkout. And while you’re at it, feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think about the new layout, both here and on my website. Thanks 🙂



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