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OK, I really haven’t forgotten about my blog. It seems that most of what I’ve had to say lately has been much easier to capture with just a picture and a short blurb (although I have some BIG news coming in just a few days). So I’ve found myself posting to my mostly-until-recently stagnant Instagram account. If you’re on Instagram (or even if you’re not), feel free to follow along! 

You might also be wondering what’s up with the “GW Pens” logo there. You probably already recognize the GW as the logo I’ve been using for Greco Woodcrafting. Since pens are primarily all that I make, it sort of seemed natural to add that to the logo. Everything is still the same, but maybe less people will ask if I make cabinets now when they see my logo 😉

As far as that big news goes, be sure to check my blog or sign up for email notification (top right corner). I’m very excited and can’t wait to share!

Greco Woodcrafting (GW Pens) on Instagram!


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