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Stone Pen Series Pre-Order

Stone Pen Collection

Over the years I’ve made pens from a wide variety materials. Historic wood, the handle of a hockey stick, acrylic, even discontinued acetate. But most recently, I tried something truly out of the norm. Solid stone.

I’ve worked with a material known as true stone, which is mostly stone….roughly 85% stone suspended in resins. But solid stone is entirely a horse of a different color. As nice as the true stone is that I sometimes use, it is still a man-made material. And if working with wood has taught me anything, it’s that nature creates incredibly beautiful works of art.

The line of stone pens I’m making is made from Alabaster, a softer stone that can be turned on my wood lathe. There are some changes and considerations I need to bear in mind as I work the stone, especially prior to mounting it on the lathe. But once the stone is turned and sealed, I sand it and buff it thoroughly, letting the natural beauty of the stone shine through.

I expect to begin shipping these pens near the end of February in both red and gray, but I am currently accepting pre-orders that will include a Free handcrafted leather journal.

Click & Twist Stone Pens

Ballpoint Click (top 2): Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 cartridge, chrome & 10k gold plate: $265

Ballpoint Twist (bottom 2): Schmidt EasyFlow 9000 cartridge, rhodium & titanium gold plate: $275

Fountain & Rollerball Pens

Rollerball (top 2): Schmidt Fine point cartridge, postable cap, rhodium & 22k gold plate: $325

Fountain Pen (bottom 2): Fine point Bock nib, 1 Private Reserve Velvet Black cartridge, 1 twist converter, postable cap, rhodium & 22k gold plate: $385

Stone Fountain Pen

GW Pen Box ClosedGW Pen Box Open

Also! Included with each pen is a custom pen case with a magnetically sealed lid and a red satin interior. The GW on the lid is silver foil, the logo I use for GW Pens.

To Pre-Order you can use my Contact Me page or order directly through my site. Remember, the free leather journal is only included on pre-orders!


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