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Handcrafted Pen Boxes on Sale

Yes, it’s been far too long since I have posted to my blog. But today is a good day to start again. Why?

Handcrafted. Pen boxes. Sale.

Need I say more? OK, I will!

I recently stopped ‘including’ pen boxes with my higher end pens. I have come to learn a few things about customers wants and taste in boxes, most notably that it all varies wildly. Some really have no interest in a wooden pen box, so why increase the price of my pen to reflect the box it comes with? Others want a pen box, but not necessarily the one I have paired with that particular pen. So with that in mind I started to allow shoppers to buy pen boxes as a stand alone item.

But that’s not all.

The pen boxes I was offering were all manufactured by a pen supply house. That is to say, Not handcrafted, like my pens. And doesn’t somebody buying a handcrafted pen deserve the option of a handcrafted box? I thought so, too! So I searched high and low for a US based box maker who could make these boxes without breaking the bank.

A handcrafted Black Walnut pen box made by our box maker in the USA.

A handcrafted Black Walnut pen box made by our box maker in the USA.


As you can see from the picture above, I found just the right source! I supplied a diagram of how the box should be designed (apparently my engineering drawing classes are still paying off) and this is the result. A beautifully crafted pen box with an inlay of highly figured Black Walnut. The lid is on hinges, and lifts to reveal a black suede lined interior able to fit one pen (I do offer a double pen version, as well).

The hinged lid lifts to reveal the black suede interior.

The hinged lid lifts to reveal the black suede interior.


Though difficult to see in the picture, the lower half has a special recess running the length to gently cradle the pen.

So, back to the Sale! This week, the introductory price on these will expire. The single pen box currently listed for $50 will increase to $65, and the double pen box listed for $75 will increase to its regular price of $90. You have until the end of the day Saturday, March 9th to take advantage of these great prices. You can find these and all of the pen boxes I have available through my website. Everything you see there is ready to ship anywhere in the world – the pictures of the Walnut boxes are the Actual box you will receive.

Do you need a custom deigned pen box? Let me know and we can get you exactly what you are looking for!



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