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Selling a Pen as 01110000 01100101 01101110

I was struck tonight by the irony of my art. Pens, used for hundreds of years in various forms to write on paper, parchment, etc…, being written about and sold digitally.

Of course my pens sell much better in person. When people can hold them, feel them, and see firsthand the functional piece of art they are buying. But I do well with online sales, too. And yet, even just the idea of listing a pen for sale in an online, digital format seems almost bizarre!

The Digital Age; being prompted by billing companies to ‘go paperless’ and receive your statements via email only. Shoppers are using the latest tablets to surf the web, zooming through item listings with a swipe of their finger to purchase things like my fountain pens. Fountain pens, which may have origins as far back as the 10th century.

I’ve gotten plenty of funny looks when I tell people what I do. I can’t say I fully understand how something that is, for all intents and purposes, the exact opposite of digital sells so well digitally. But I enjoy making pens and my customers enjoy using them, so maybe it’s not so bizarre afterall.

One thing I’ll never understand though, is why it takes a computer “01110000 01100101 01101110” just to say “pen”.



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