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Do You Get the Picture?

As many of you know, I’ve been working diligently to improve the quality of my pictures. I knew the photos I was taking of my pens were nowhere near as good as the pens themselves, so I really tried to push my little point and shoot to its limits. Eventually I had to accept defeat, and Santa left me a nice new DSLR under the tree (a Canon EOS Rebel T3).

Of course my first thought was that I was now ready to have excellent photos. Well, I was ready to have them, but I wasn’t ready to take them. Some toying around, some very helpful tips from ever kind friends, and finally I was starting to see the beginnings of a decent picture. From here I was now off to learn more about the post production process, making the colors true and vibrant with great clarity and sharpness. I had been fiddling around with GIMP, a free download similar to Photoshop, with OK results. But then the other night everything changed.

A friend of mine had me remote in to his desktop to watch him edit some of my pen pictures in Photoshop. He explained why he was doing each of the steps and was patient with my silly questions. After, I downloaded the Photoshop trial and started working on some of the new pictures I took. What a difference! I’m going to show a couple of them here, along with a ‘Before’ pic, where the picture was taken on my old point and shoot, and an ‘After’, showing the same pen photographed with the new camera and edited in Photoshop. Hopefully this side-by-side display will help you understand the level of frustration I had over my old camera.

Picture of an acrylic pen taken on my old camera.

Same pen, photographed with the new camera, edited in Photoshop

Fumed curly Oak pen, old camera.

Same pen, new camera.

I still have a lot of pens to re-shoot, and even the Oak one you see above needs some more shots (the other side has amazing detail that really needs to be displayed in the listing on my website). But I am really more than happy with the results and think finally, my pictures truly are doing my work justice 🙂


2 comments on “Do You Get the Picture?

  1. Wade McCloskey
    January 12, 2012

    you need to come to NM and give me a class

  2. GrecoWoodcrafting
    January 12, 2012

    You’re right, you do need to move closer to NJ so I can give you a class :p

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