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It’s 2012. Now? Let’s Rock!

2011 was a pretty great year for Greco Woodcrafting. I was able to find that yes, there is life after the CPSIA. For me it wasn’t in making wooden toys, as I had started back in April 2008, but rather fine hand crafted pens. I’ve always loved pens, so making them really became one of those “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” moments. I was able to get some good press coverage and was fortunate enough to be asked to make items for the Philadelphia Independence Seaport Museum. I was even able to make donations through my corporate partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation to have 25 trees plated through the course of the year.

But now it’s 2012. A clean slate. As good as 2011 was, I intend for 2012 to be even better!

For starters, you may have noticed a new look here on my blog. The new banner is the same as the new banner on  my website. I figure since pens are hands-down what my main focus is and will remain, I should probably be a bit more specific with the banner. The overall blog change is representative of my intention to fully revive my blog. Yes, for a while I posted nearly daily. Can you imagine that? I’m not promising to be able to reach that level of blogginess (yes, I made that up), but I guarantee there will be many more posts throughout the year.

But 2012 will have more in store than just writing blog entries. I have already began planning and acquiring materials for an entry level pen series. Not everybody has the money for some of my higher end pens, and others just don’t understand why anybody would ever pay that much for a pen (“It’s just a pen!” as one shopper said to me last year at a craft fair). This new line of pens will at first be strictly acrylics with slimline twist style hardware and will cost just $20. The design will be more simple than some of my other acrylic pens, but I will still give them every bit as much attention as I do to any of my other pens. Though I don’t think larger pen kit styles will find their way into this series, I won’t count them out altogether.

In addition to the new pen series will be the addition of bottle stoppers. Well, I should say more bottle stoppers. I started making these in mid-December 2011 and was really very happy with the response. The bottle stoppers are all made with solid stainless steel stoppers. What’s the difference between stainless steel stoppers and ones that are chrome plated? Acids in the wine can cause the chrome plating to corrode and essentially disintegrate into your wine. I refuse to skimp on materials to make a few extra dollars. You can keep an eye on the bottle stopper progress through my website featuring all of my hand crafted bottle stoppers.

Hand crafted bottle stopper by Greco Woodcrafting

And of course, there will be more pen styles to choose from. Everything from high end collector-grade hardware to unique pieces of wood. I will be experimenting with modifying the pen hardware in some cases, and may even go so far as to try making my own acrylics.

While thinking of the things I want to accomplish in 2012 for my business, I kept looking at specific things I planned on doing. But less specific, and more important, is that I continue to put everything I have, heart and soul, into everything I make. So 2011 is over. It’s 2012. Let’s rock!


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