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It seems like it’s been forever since I posted a blog entry, but things have certainly been busy and the time has really been flying by! Some news to get you caught up:

I was honored to be contacted by St. Peter’s church of Philadelphia for some commissioned work. The church, a 250 year old national historic landmark built on land donated by William Penn’s sons, has an OLD Horse Chestnut tree that had to come down. Wanting to preserve the memory of this historic tree, I was asked to take some of the tree to turn it into items the parishioners would be able to have as keepsakes.

Horse Chestnut tree in St. Peter's of Philadelphia

Look for more news on this in the future!

I was fortunate this year to find a shiny new camera under the Christmas tree (well, a couple of weeks before Christmas, but it really was under the tree!). It’s a DSLR and, as mentioned in the past, I am set on taking more accurate photos of my work. Here is a recently updated pen photo showing a rollerball pen made from Pink Ivory.

Pink Ivory Rollerball pen available through Greco Woodcrafting

Keep an eye on my site as I continue to update the pictures of all of my handcrafted fine writing instruments. I hope you and yours have a Very Happy New Year!


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