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Click Without the ‘Click’

Handmade chrome click gel pen with blue and black acrylic body by Greco Woodcrafting

Since I started making pens I’ve gotten all sorts of very specific requests. From the color of ink available to the kind of case the pen comes with. And though I do my best to offer options in these areas, there was 1 recurring request that I hadn’t had a single choice: click pens.

Well, until now.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I wasn’t trying to make one. In fact, I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking at different click pen hardware kits, reading reviews and talking to owners. When I make a pen everything about it reflects upon my name, whether I made that particular part or not. That’s why finding just the right click pen was so important to me.

I am Very happy to report that the search is over! Pictured here you see the first handmade click pen I am offering. It is a cigar pen with chrome click hardware and a black gel cartridge. The body of the pen is a beautiful blue and black acrylic that has deep white pearl tones swirling throughout, playing up to the chrome and black enamel on the hardware.

The click mechanism is super smooth and almost effortless, but when you click it there is really no audible ‘click’ sound. Which makes me wonder, can you still call it a ‘click pen’? Maybe ‘thumb operated retractable writing tip pen’ would be better? Or perhaps this is a ‘plunger style writing instrument’?

Whatever title you want to give it, I’m sure the lucky person who gets this will simply call it a ‘joy’.


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