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Boxelder Burl Fountain Pen

Handmade Boxelder burl fountain pen by Greco Woodcrafting

Pen making is something that I have really come to love. I guess I’m not too surprised about that, I have loved collecting pens for years and have a nice collection of both less expensive interesting ones as well as more expensive Mont Blanc and Waterman pens. Add that to my love of woodworking and there is just a natural joy that I hope shows through in my work.

One thing I regularly hear from my customers is that the pictures didn’t do the piece they bought justice. I understand that my pieces are very touchy-feely. You almost really need to have them in your hands to fully appreciate all of the work I’ve put into the piece, right down to the finish. But the pictures really should give a better idea of my work. So I’ve been trying to push my little point-and-shoot camera to its limits to better show my work.

Not all of my photo attempts are turning out very good. Almost all of them leave a little something to be desired, but the one you see here is my personal favorite. This pen is boxelder burl that has been double dyed black and gold, matched with a gunmetal fountain pen kit with 24k gold accents. Though not pictured, this particular pen comes with a maple box and cushioned black insert and is available through my website.

Some of the things I particularly like about this photo is that the gunmetal actually looks black (as it should), you can see the detail on the German made nib and the wood grain is really easy to see…all at once! Hopefully I will be able to get a picture of similar quality to be a more regular occurrence for my work, but until then I guess I need to be content in knowing my customers are always pleasantly surprised when they open their packages.



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