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Fountain Pen made with salvaged dock wood from beneath the Walt Whitman Bridge by Greco Woodcrafting.

Summer is here and quickly fleeting. With everything I try and get done, I sometimes let my blogging slip down on the to-do list. But hey, maybe that just means that my intermittent updates are that much more special? Or maybe it just means I need to quit slacking 🙂

When I last wrote, I talked about the pens that were going to be in the Philadelphia Independence Seaport Museum. I am Very proud to say they are there! Currently they have the first 10 of the 125 pen limited edition run, with 5 in gold plated rollerball hardware and 5 in gold plated fountain pen hardware. Each pen is made with wood that was originally part of the docks beneath the Walt Whitman Bridge and comes in a Maple box with a numbered certificate. You can read more about them here.

The pens, which are retailing exclusively through the museum gift shop, sell for $85 each and have been well received so far. In fact, just the other day the Gloucester County Times wrote an article talking about them! Although the online version doesn’t include a picture of the museum pen like the print edition did, you can read the article and see a picture of Yours Truly.

There’s lots going on, including a new newsletter in the works. Not signed up yet? Head on over and add your name to my list, it only goes out monthly and I will never share your info with anybody.


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