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Independence Seaport Museum

Philadelphia Independence Museum

A couple of weeks ago I had a conversation with the gentleman that runs the gift shop of the Philadelphia Independence Seaport Museum. He’s a fan of my work and asked if I could think of anything that might be a good fit for the museum to carry.

I had a few ideas and started to look into what might work best. Since the museum is so closely associated with the Delaware River, I started a search for a needle in a haystack: finding salvaged wood that had once been part of the docks somewhere along the river.

As luck would have it, I found a lumber company in Philadelphia that works primarily with salvaged wood from and around the city. I sent an email to Manyunk Timber and wouldn’t you know, they had exactly what I was looking for! I drove out to take a look first hand and bought all of it on the spot.

So what was it?

The Walt Whitman Bridge was built in the 1950’s. 15 years ago it underwent renovations, and some of the dock wood beneath it was able to be salvaged. A good amount of it was unusable, either due to rot or iron deposits. Now, that salvaged Longleaf Pine is in my shop and ready to be made into pens.

Walt Whitman Dock Wood

A piece of turned wood that was originally part of the docks beneath the Walt Whitman Bridge.

When I told the museum what I had in mind with the wood, they were just as excited as I was! I expect to be able to get approximately 100 pens from the wood. The pens will soon be available exclusively through the museum with online ordering expected to be available by the Fall. Each pen comes with a Maple box and a write-up detailing the history of the wood and what number the pen is in the series.

As soon as they are in the museum I’ll be sure to let you know. Once these pens are gone, they are gone!


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