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Nearly a Year Later

Mora Bowl

Wooden bowl made from Mora by Greco Woodcrafting

Nearly a year in the making, I can finally strike this piece off of my To-Do list.

I bought this beautiful piece of Mora for myself last year as a Father’s Day gift (that’s right, I used a Holiday as an excuse to treat myself). Shortly after receiving it I mounted the piece on the lathe and turned the exterior as well as the “foot”. The foot (bottom side) is what the bowl will be mounted by to the lathe once I flip the wood and begin to hollow out the center.

All was going good and well until *SNAP!* my chisel hit the wood at the wrong angle, causing it to snag and snap the foot. The wood made a sad little *clunk* as it came off landing bottom side up, showing me the broken foot.

After a flurry of foul words strung together in a way that probably didn’t even make sense, the bowl sat alongside of my lathe waiting to be finished. It was patient; it never got upset when I went into the shop intending to finish it, but instead worked on something different. It simply waited.

Last week I decided this patient piece of wood had waited long enough. I mounted it back on the lathe and made a new foot. I touched it up a bit and flipped it for the moment of truth. Would the new foot hold better?

Absolutely. Not only did the bowl finish without incident (this time), but it took the tung oil SO well! I’m really very happy with how this bowl turned out, even if it did take almost a year 🙂


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