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Best. Anniversary. Ever.

Three years ago today Greco Woodcrafting was formed. What started out with me as a stay at home father having some fun, making wooden toys in my spare time on the weekends has blossomed into a full blown take-over of the garage, making everything from 3-foot yarn swifts to custom carved thorny vine hourglasses. I’m in “the shop” more days than not each week and the kids know when dad says he has work to do, it usually means something to build for a customer.

My 6 year old daughter has always shown a slight interest in woodworking, some times more so than others but never anything more than a casual interest.

Until today.

I decided, since she had today off from school and our son would be in pre-school, I would make today Bring Your Daughter to Work day for us in the shop. We changed into our shop clothes, donned eye protection and dust masks and went into the shop. This was her first time picking up tools (aside from toy tools), so I was planning on this being a short lesson in case her interest just wasn’t there. I got a piece of scrap Pine and had her measure off 6″. Then she used a square to run her pencil line across the entire face of the wood. Next we picked up a small hand saw and after a short explanation of the teeth, showed her how I use my thumb knuckle to guide the saw and start a notch (to my safety-minded readers: my hand was on the saw over her hand the entire time).

After she (we) cut that 6″ piece of wood off from the main body I had her sand the edges, lay it on top of the other piece of wood, and nailed to the two pieces together. Of course she needed a bit more help on the hammering, but when she was finished she was SO proud of herself! She loved it and immediately told me she wants to always be in the shop helping me 🙂

Of course that’s not possible (or safe). But she decided she wants to make a surprise present for her little brother, a step stool that she already designed just a little while ago. We’ll work on that this summer when she has some time at home while her brother is at day camp.

The time in the shop wasn’t all about teaching her how to use tools, though. I also explained how important it was to keep your tools in good working condition. We finished the “day” wiping down the drill press (with no bit inserted, of course) before turning off the lights. All in all, I’d say this was about the best woodworking anniversary I could have.


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