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Pink Ivory Wood

Pink Ivory is an absolutely beautiful wood. I’ve been wanting to use it in a project but due to the costs associated with it I have waited until just the right idea came to mind.

And so I waited.

And waited some more.

Finally I gave in, I decided to make a pen with a piece. What I liked about turning this pen, and ultimately what I really like about turning wood in general, is the wood sort of tells me what shape it should be. So all this time that I was waiting for a project that said “Use Pink Ivory here, John!” all I needed was to put the piece on the lathe and let it tell me how to shape it.

First there was one bulge, then there was a slight hourglass shape. Before I knew it the design you see here was forming clear as day.

Pink Ivory Pen

Pink Ivory Slimline Pen with 24k Gold Hardware by Greco Woodcrafting

Once it was finished and buffed I decided the best hardware kit to really help showcase the pen would be this 24k Gold plated set. The pen is nicely weighted and fits perfectly in your fingers.

That’s not to say everything that goes on the lathe is made without a plan. My candlestick holders and niddy noddy were precisely planned to fractions of an inch in both length and diameter. But the pens are a little different. Interested in seeing what some pens have turned out looking like? Take a look!


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