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Moving On

Writing ‘Letting Go of a Dream’ was rough. It was a decision I’ve known I would have to make for a while now, it was just so hard to actually face the reality of the situation and say what needed to be said. But it was good. It was cathartic and has helped me to refocus my energy on a new direction.

I’ve been doing some work with fiber tools, and will continue making them for as long as customers are asking me for them. And I’ve enjoyed dabbling- some bunnies here, some wind spinners there. Dabbling is fun; it helps keep the creative juices flowing and will likely also continue in a minor way.

But the biggest focus you’re going to see from Greco Woodcrafting in the near future will be clocks and other timing devices. Currently I’m designing some hourglasses, which have been getting really great feedback. And that new focus is part of the story behind the new slogan, “Built to Last the Test of Time”.

But it’s more than just a clever play on words (OK, maybe it’s not that clever, but still). It speaks to the level of work I perform. The absolute customer satisfaction that I strive for with every piece that I make. The durability that lets the piece you buy from me become something that stays in the family for years or even generations, not thrown away after a few months. A design that, in itself, is timeless.

So be ready! Before long you’ll start to see some new items popping up on my website. You can also become a fan on my Facebook page, where I make product updates and even run contests. In the meantime to my friends, my customers, my readers, and passers-by: Thank you for spending a few minutes reading my blog, taking a peek into my world. I hope, as opportunities allow, you will turn to me for that unique piece of woodworking. That item you point out when you have guests. It might not be a children’s toy, but I sure hope opening my packages make you feel like a kid every time 🙂


One comment on “Moving On

  1. Sarah Natividad
    September 25, 2010

    It just breaks my heart every time I think of all the beautiful wooden toys that will now go unmade because of CPSIA. But I will show everyone my new weaving shuttle!

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