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So I’ve spent the past week putting together a new play set for my kids. They had one already, but it was seriously rotted out. We bought this house 3 years ago, and suspect it was around 7 years old then. I guess 10 years isn’t too shabby for a wooden play set, and if we get that much time out of this one it will be just about perfect (our kids are 5 and 2).

One part I wasn’t particularly looking forward to was anchoring it down. I had to drive 6 wooden stakes 10″ into the ground and secure them to different sections of the set. Clearly this is a job beyond the scope of your average claw hammer, so off I went to the hardware store. I picked up a nice 4 pound sledge hammer – I decided to name it ‘Thor’. With Thor in my hand, we would surely make quick work of those anchors!

Not quite.

Apparently, unlike the Thor of Norse mythology, there was nothing magical about my hammer. I swung it. And swung it. And swung it. I was using a piece of Pine 2×4 end-on-end between the anchors and the hammer, and the end grain was actually curling down at the edges. After about 20 minutes I did get all 6 of the anchors in, but believe me when I tell you the last one went a LOT slower than the first one.

The set is all finished- I’ll get some pictures up soon, hopefully faster than it took me to build it 🙂


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