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Spring is rapidly approaching (though not fast enough, if you ask me!), and with it will bring 2 new lines to Greco Woodcrafting’s fiber tools:

1. Nostepinnes. These tools, shaped similar to a wooden peg on a sailboat, are used to make center pull balls of yarn. What’s that, you ask? A ball of yarn with a hole in the middle, from which a continuous strand can be pulled without making the ball itself move around.

2. Drop spindles. A drop spindle resembles a top and is used to ‘spin’ fiber such as wool from a raw material into the thread we typically see it as.

Both of these tools will be available in Bloodwood, Purpleheart, Walnut, and Zebrawood. What’s more, the dowels on the drop spindles will match the whorl- a feature completely unique to my line!

Do you work with fiber? What sort of tools would you like to see added in distinct and exotic woods?


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