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Greco Woodcrafting at the 2009 Philly Flag Fest

Greco Woodcrafting at the 2009 Philly Flag Fest

I want to start by taking a moment to thank my customers from the craft fair this past weekend. It was great getting to meet each of you, and I hope your little ones all enjoy their new toys!

Over the course of the two days there, I was able to get some really great feedback on my current toy line, as well as some ideas for new toys (a mini version of my planes was mentioned several times and will soon be in development). There were many kind words offered, but there were also many words that went unspoken. Children passing by would look at the toys and just begin to smile. One child whose parents bought him a car sat down in the road and immediately started to play with it. I loved getting to see firsthand how much the kids enjoyed my toys- it was truly a unique experience.

The fair as a whole was fantastic, weather aside. The first day we had about 20 minutes of downpour that caused some flooding in my tent, followed by periods of drizzle. The second day started out looking dreary, but turned out beautiful. I would estimate only about one-third of the registered vendors showed up, leaving some open space on day one. For day two, the vendors who did attend were pulled in closely, giving a great sense of community that I think the patrons really enjoyed.

I have already told the organizer to count me in for next year. I hope to see you all again!


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