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Future Woodworker?

Greco Woodcrafting Hat

Son in Greco Woodcrafting Hat

Here’s my son, Christopher, wearing some Greco Woodcrafting gear. In a few more days he’ll be 14 months- not too soon to start teaching him about woodworking, right? He’s definitely a bit of a ham for the camera. Sometimes when he’s fussy, just getting the camera out will make him stop whining and start to smile LOL!

In all reality, I have no idea what’s in store for him. I know his 4 year old big sister is pretty into the whole idea of making toys like daddy and has gone so far as to say that daddy can make any toy. For Christmas all she wanted was a measuring tape (pink, of course- to match the walls in her room). When she got a whole tool set she was on cloud 9!

I like to think that someday, when I have my little corner toy shop, it will be a family affair. But whatever either of them goes on to do, they will have my full support.


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