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My Most FUN Memory

grand-canyon-1From the Greco Woodcrafting Mail Bag, Ninedragons asked what my most FUN memory is.

I had to think about that one. As a father of two, there are SO many things that have been loads of fun with my kids. But most of it involves me seeing them have fun while they play and such. For instance, I know my daughter loved going on the Bigfoot Monster Truck kiddie ride at Storybook Land, but I was literally wedged into the seat and in excruciating pain the entire time. Fun for her, not so much for me.

So I would have to say my most fun memory is from a trip to Las Vegas that my wife booked as a 30th birthday gift for me. We took a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon and even landed on the banks of the Colorado River and had breakfast with champagne. I found a couple of pictures and scanned them in, but let me tell you- there is no possible way for pictures to do this place grand-canyon-2justice. The most vivid images in movies or TV you can imagine are still nothing compared to seeing it firsthand.

Our helicopter pilot was great- former military that obviously knew exactly what he was doing. I was a little jittery about being in the helicopter (especially when they told us we would be sitting right up front alongside the pilot!), but it wasn’t long before I trusted the pilot 100%, allowing me to focus on the pure beauty of the world below us.

The little covering behind me in the second picture is where we ate. My understanding is the land we were on is owned by some Native Americans who have an agreement with the particular company we used to land there.

If you ever get the opportunity, I can’t suggest taking this tour strongly enough. It is truly moving to be there surrounded by those majestic canyon walls.

Thanks for asking! 🙂


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