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The Greco Woodcrafting Mail Bag!

stampPeople often ask me questions that are on their mind. I like to think it’s because they are drawn to my keen sense of insight, or my confucius-like wisdom. Though, the one usually asking me questions is my 4 year old daughter, so I guess it’s probably not very impressive to most people that I can adequately explain the word “alternating”.

But that aside- this is YOUR chance to ask me anything on your mind! Why did I start a company making handmade wooden toys? What’s my favorite tool? How do I come up with my designs? How do I take my coffee? That’s right- nothing is off limits. You can post your question here, send it through the email system or email me directly at john [at] GrecoWoodcrafting [dot] com. Every question will be answered and maybe even become a blog post of its very own 🙂

That said- if you like the image I’ve chosen to use, it’s a Priority Mail stamp available through Post Office at, commemorating the Redwood Forests.


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