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As Good As It Gets

I completed my portfolio late last week and was SO excited to bring it to my local office supply store to be printed on their top notch machines. Of course, first I called ahead to see what version of Powerpoint they were using.

Me: Hi, what version of Powerpoint can you print off of?

Them: The latest

Me: (Concerned) The latest…so it’s OK to save as 2007?

Them: Yep!

I get there…no. They had 2003. The pictures were kind of dark and I wasn’t very happy with them, so off I went back home to save it as 2003. Back there again, and the same problem.

Them: It might be that our copier just can’t do any better.

Having managed in one of these such stores for a few years, I can tell you this definitely made me say Hmmm… But OK, maybe they just don’t know how to tweak the machine for optimal output. So back home I go. Set it up on my inkjet with some photo paper, and what do ya know!

OUTSTANDING print quality!

Of course, halfway through I ran out of color ink, but if I can get the rest of the portfolio AND my hand-outs printed from the replacement cartridges I bought, it will be cheaper than had I gotten it all printed there.

So that’s my non-workshop project currently. You know, aside from the ongoing tax stuff….sigh.


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