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Busy Busy Busy!

binder-coverThings have been pretty busy around here lately. Tax time aside, after being excited to be chosen as a vendor for the upcoming Philly Flag Fest (June 13 &14), I was let down to see I was required to carry $1 Million in insurance. After a phone call to the organizer, I was told Whoops! That’s for big corporations- their lawyers are working on a waiver of sorts for artists like myself.

With that in mind, I set out to begin creating 2 sets of inventory: one that I can sell out of for online sales, and one to build upon for the Flag Fest. If last year was any indication, I can expect a potential 8,500 people passing my booth. And what that means is this has huge possibilities for a new comer like myself. Greco Woodcrafting will be just past the 1 year mark at that point, and I’m still working on getting my name out there.

Having worked in retail, I know there are the ‘lookers’. Ones who, however intent they may be on buying something, do not want to engage in any sort of conversation unless they’re asking “How much?” So I spent time putting together a binder of all of my work. A portfolio, if you will (just in case something is sold out when they are looking, or to see my past work). The above image is the intended cover, with each image getting a full page inside with a brief description. I’m contemplating also having a bunch of these printed as fliers; cost will likely determine whether or not I do that part.

Sorry my blog posts have been lacking lately, but really- I would’ve rathered been blogging than reviewing tax code!


4 comments on “Busy Busy Busy!

  1. Jennifer
    February 24, 2009

    Hey there! Beautiful toys. I’m also going to be selling at Flag Fest…mind if I ask you a few questions?


  2. grecowoodcrafting
    February 25, 2009

    Thanks, Jennifer. I don’t mind at all. You can ask here or feel free to email me directly at:


  3. Jennifer
    May 7, 2009

    Ok, I am finally getting back to you, John. Can you tell me what last year’s experience was like? I’m under the impression it was fairly small, right? Also 2 days? Also other things going on at the house? Was there a theme? What can you tell me about the crowd? Were they out to shop? Were there a lot of them? Was it busier at any one time of day? Anything else you care to share? Thanks!

    • grecowoodcrafting
      May 7, 2009

      Hi Jennifer!

      I wasn’t at the event last year, but I understand it attracted approximately 8,500 visitors over the one week period. This year they cut it down to just the weekend, which leads me to believe the bulk of those visitors last year were probably on the weekend.

      The Betsy Ross House has a great write-up on what to expect this year, which can be found here:

      Best of luck! 🙂


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