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It’s February 10th and I’m Open for Business

The past few months have been a rollercoaster for me. Just as Greco Woodcrafting was starting to do well, I was hit with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, aka the CPSIA. According to this law, signed in August of ’08, today is the day all of my pre-existing inventory would be a banned hazardous substance unless I was able to specifically prove, through 3rd party testing, that it was indeed safe.

Testing quotes and numerous unanswered phone calls, emails and mailed petitions later, I am glad to say that my toys are currently labeled as ‘Safe’ through the CPSC, who has deemed all natural wood to be within the legally allowed limits.

The irony of the situation was that although opening a toy shop was a lifelong retirement dream of mine, I decided to move forward with it as a result of all of the toy recalls of ’07. That was also what spurred Congress to put out this ever-so-thoughtful piece of legislation.

This past weekend was spent making some brand new toy designs based on a bunny sketch I made- something I had been hesitant to do without knowing whether or not I would be legally allowed to sell them.

There is still work to do. In August, batch labeling requirements will become mandatory, something I am just not capable of doing as a small wooden toy manufacturer. Also something my Congressman was completely unaware of. But today is a good day. Today, I am proud to be able to offer my toys so other parents won’t feel panic set in as they hear about the latest toy recall, like I did so many times in 2007.


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