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Some of you may be wondering what happened to my updates abot the inlays and the purple plane I was making for my daughter. Well, the project is unfortunately in a ‘wait and see’ mode.

The Ebony and Purpleheart were sent to me encased in wax, which isn’t unusual for turning wood. I scraped the wax off the ebony, and have recently noticed the ends are cracking a bit. That’s the bad news. The good news is the piece of Ebony that has been cut and glued together (the one with the chalk outline of the butterfly on it) seems to be doing well.

This weekend I will scrape the Purpleheart to let it dry out a bit more. Hopefully I will be able to use this piece. The Ebony will have the butterfly cut out and fit into the Yellowheart wing. My daughter has been good and patient while all of this is going on.

This weekend will also include some more machines being hooked up to the dust collector, along with the initial work on my new bunny pull toy- just in time for Easter! It sounds like a lot, but my wife has the next 2 days off from work, so I will get some extra time in the shop this week 🙂


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