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The Ebony is Ready

img_4315For any new readers, let me give a quick debriefing. I’m making a biplane for my daughter with a Monarch butterfly inlay on the top wing. For those of you already following along- the Ebony is ready!

I have a block of 2″x2″ Ebony that I cut four 1/4″ thick pieces from, and glued them up. I should have used a frame of sorts to keep them square and flat, but you know hindsight and all that. I wound up with 4 pieces glued together making 1 large ‘cup’. Cupping is when wood is convex on one side and concave on the other.

A good deal of filing, sanding and hand scraping later, and the Ebony was ready for the butterfly layout. Of course, carbon paper doesn’t show up on Ebony, so instead I cut out the butterfly and used a piece of white chalk to trace along the interior of the image. The only problem now, is time.

I had some pretty high hopes of being super productive on the plane this weekend, but instead everybody in our house (except the baby) got sick. Mine came on first, and was starting to let up by yesterday afternoon. But now I’m siting here, anxiously waiting for the weekend to arrive so I can cut the Ebony and fit it into the relief I carved in the wing.


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