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I Am Hopeful!

This is, to date, the most hopeful thing regarding the CPSIA I’ve seen. From an email I received a short while ago:

…(a constituent) was told by Rep Brownback’s office (Senator from KS) that “as we speak, he himself is writing legislation to define the parameters of the law, making reasonable exemptions that have been suggested”. They were the only office I have called who really was knowledgeable about the CPSIA and who said that they consider this “high priority”. (and didn’t treat me like a ding dong).

Keep your fingers crossed folks, there IS hope!

One comment on “I Am Hopeful!

  1. lieslree
    January 18, 2009

    I’ve seen stuff about the CPSIA around quite a bit in the blogging sphere. I always held on to the idea of someday making children’s clothes, but I feel quite discouraged about that now.
    I know you make kid’s toys and wish you all the best. I’m glad to see there is some hope. Although well-intentioned they have a lot of work to do to make it work for everyone–including the little guys.

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