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This weekend was a good one. The Eagles won, but more importantly, I insulated my garage attic. Six rolls of R-30 fiberglass, each one 25 feet long, went up through the little hole in the ceiling. My guesstimation turned out to be spot-on, but I did learn a few things during this which I’ll share here with you.

First, if you wear glasses like I do, you will want to make sure you use a dust mask that has an exhale port. Otherwise your glasses will get so much moisture on them you won’t be able to see. And when you’re in the dark, walking on thin wooden rails trying not to fall through the sheet rock beneath you, seeing is a super important type of thing.

Second, have a good flashlight. If you have an electric lantern you get a big kudos from me. Sadly I don’t have one, but a good ol’ mag light did the trick.

Third, beware of roof pitch! When you think it’s safe to stand upright, just do yourself a favor. Check over your shoulder and see how close you are to the roof. Those roofing nails hurt when you stand up and poke them into your back. Ouch!

And last, but probably the most important, have a big knife. I started out trying to use a carpenter’s knife, which is about an inch and a half or so worth of blade. The fiberglass was 9 1/2 inches thick, so you do the math on how many times I had to try slicing through each time I needed to make a cut.

The knife you see above dates back to my “I am going to collect cool knives” phase. It is really just for show, but I honed a decent edge on it so I could cut through the fiberglass easier. Also, it helps if you press down on the fiberglass to compact it a bit when cutting, and try to have something solid behind the spot you’re cutting.

Oh yea- and when you’re holding the knife and flashlight in the same hand, be careful where you start pointing that hand ….

If you need to install any fiberglass, hopefully you’ll be a bit better prepared from the get go than I was 🙂


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