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Stopped Cold

img_4178With the section of wing ready to accept the first parts of the inlay, I was off to the workshop (AKA the garage) to begin getting the Ebony ready. It was pretty cold outside, roughly around 20 degrees, and it felt just as cold in the garage.

I tried several times to push through it, but numb fingers and power tools are not a safe combination so I was coming back into the house every 15 minutes or so to warm up. It finally got to the point where that wasn’t enough and I had to go take a hot bath to de-thaw.

I had to face the reality of the situation. I need to insulate the garage if I plan on doing any more work in there this winter. And that meant putting off the biplane for my daughter, in turn meaning it won’t be ready in time for her birthday. It killed me to have to tell her it wouldn’t be done in time, especially when she was telling me how she can’t wait to show it to all of her friends. She was clearly disappointed, but I just can’t risk losing a finger.

Sunday I was all set to get the garage ready to receive the insulation. I planned on using blown insulation in the garage attic space as well as in the walls. The walls were the part that worried me since the garage is finished. It means I need to locate each stud, cut a hole in the wall up near the ceiling (which is about 15 feet in the air) and then be able to drag the hose that blows the insulation there to fill each cavity.

Well, much to my delight, I found that the walls are insulated! That is very good news, because now can just unroll some insulation in the attic to take care of that for far less money than using the blown insulation.

I did notice that the windows are not really sealed very well. There was just the outside seal and the shims holding them there, really. I have a couple of cans of spray foam that I used to fill in the gaps between the window itself and the wooden frame it was seated in. Hopefully that will help.

In the summer I added 1 inch thick foam panels to the inside of my garage doors, and I plan on trying to seal up the gaps around them as much as possible in addition to the attic insulation. Once that is all done, I can look into a flameless heatsource, but no point in that until I know the heat won’t be escaping as fast as I put it in there.

I hope that by Sunday the garage will at least be a bit more regulated in temperature fluctuations and I can get back to work.


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