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As many, many of you are aware, I made a blog entry explaining just how far reaching the upcoming start date for the CPSIA lead and phthalate testing will be. In just over a week, here are some of the results:

Total views on my WordPress blog for just that entry: 1,233

Total clicks on the Petition I listed: 80

Total clicks to the Facebook Group: 76

Total clicks to the CPSC site to learn more about the CPSIA: 47

Total clicks to find your Representative (presumably to write to them): 43

Total clicks to find your Senator (also to presumably write to them): 32

Total clicks to contact Speaker Nancy Pelosi: 18

I had the same exact post on my shop blog as well as on the EtsyNJ team blog, but am unable to tell just what sort of traffic they saw.

When I wrote that article, it was at the request of a friend to try and help people understand exactly what was going on. Iā€™m by no means a lawyer, just a guy who works with wood- but I tried my best to explain it in a way that people could understand. Everything I wrote was/is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

After looking at these numbers, I feel good. I feel like maybe 1 person is able to help make a difference. I know there are lots of others who were trying to get the awareness level raised, and I can only imagine what our cumulative effects are.

To all of you who signed the petition, or wrote your Congressmen, or told others about what is about to happen, I want to say Thank you šŸ™‚


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