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Where Do Dreams Go When They Die?

I hope to never find out, but there is a reality just around the corner that might bring my dream to a sudden end.

As I’ve noted in the past, I had dreamed of opening my own little toy shop for years. After the toy recalls of ’07 I decided to make my dream a reality and offer parents the peace of mind that my toys are lead free. I do that by making a line of toys that are left unfinished, in their natural wood state.

The government, too, was upset over the repeated toy recalls. The path they chose as a remedy was a bit different, though.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission had some legislation passed, the CPSIA, which lowers the allowed lead content in all children’s products. A “children’s product” is anything intended for a person 12 years of age and under. Along with this, makers of children’s products must certify their items meet this requirement through a test which can cost up to $4,000.

I have 5 different toys that I make. That is $20,000 in testing. Never mind the fact that my wood is left unfinished. Never mind the fact that I am still trying to recoup the costs for actually forming my company earlier this year.

The legislation goes on to have completely ridiculous requirements, like batch testing with batch numbers assigned to products, as well as identifiable tracking affixed to each item produced.

What the ….?

In typical government fashion, this knee jerk reaction is going to put many small manufacturers out of business. So many, that the date it is to take effect, February 10th, 2009, has been dubbed “Nation Bankruptcy Day”.

And speaking of fashion, the fashion industry is taking a hard hit, as well. Buttons, zippers, you name it- they will all have to be tested. It is estimated that an average 10 piece line in 3 colors will run a fashion manufacturer $30,000 in testing.

Please help correct this oversight. Contact your state Congressman and ask for their attention in this matter before countless Americans are forced to close shop. You can find your Representatives here:


One comment on “Where Do Dreams Go When They Die?

  1. theresa
    December 17, 2008

    it truly is devastating!!! makes me soo depressed as it took me 3 years to build my business to finally be profitable, and now i have to consider closing down.

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