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The Noise Behind the Toys

Here we have some shots of my workshop, which is just half of our 2 car garage. Everything is pretty noisy in here, so earplugs are usually popped in as soon as I step inside. I like playing the radio while I work but honestly never get more than 1 full song’s worth of listening before I’m drowning it out with another machine. But enough of that, let’s take a look at the pictures!


In the first shot, we are looking in from the doorway that connects to our house. Front and Left is the long talked about dust collected (readers of my WordPress blog have heard enough about that, I’m sure). To the right in the back is my sanding station- a combo disc and belt sander along with an interchangeable spindle and belt sander. In front of that is my table saw, currently supporting an end of Mahogany with a hand sander and jigsaw there (one thing about only getting to work on weekends is I tend to leave work in a “ready to go” state so I pick up right where I left off). To the right is my wood storage. Standing upright we have some more Mahogany, Red Oak and Western Red cedar. On the shelves we have more Oak, Poplar, Walnut, Aromatic Cedar, Purpleheart, Ebony…among others.


Second picture is taken from the end by the sanders facing towards the door to the house. Left front is the table saw, Left background is the band saw (probably my most used tool) and vise, back middle is my work bench with several DeWalt tool cases lol- along with where I keep 90% of my clamps and my drill press. Right of that is the chair I relax in while doing hand sanding with a box fan that has a furnace air filter attached to catch the dust as it falls, followed by my router table in the front right.


The third and final picture is just a better shot of the wood area and sanding station. As you can tell from the saw dust ALL around the disc sander in the front left, I really need to get my dust collector hooked up there. Once I get the rest of grounding wire to run inside of the duct work going there it should be all set.

That’s pretty much everything! Aside from frigid temperatures in there during the Winter, I can spend an entire day in there without thinking twice about it. I’m fortunate to have a family that supports my efforts in any way they can 🙂


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