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Is That Really Appropriate?

The dust collector. I can almost hear my mother saying “For crying out loud Johnny, the dust collector again?”. Nobody else calls me Johnny, by the way, and after a bitter struggle in my teens to get her to stop, I have given up. But that’s another story.

So yes- the dust collector. Again.

Yesterday I set up a make shift work station at the breakfast table. A 2’x2′ piece of plywood, some sand paper, my half assembled blast gates and a few pieces of PVC pipe. The PVC needs to be glued to the blast gates so they can then be attached to the duct work. Time to bust out the Gorilla Glue, which had been brought inside from the garage earlier to soften it up.

So I get to work, first sanding the edges of the PVC that had little bits of the pipe hanging off from where it had been cut. I used my band saw, but in thinking back I should have probably used the miter saw. Again, though- another story.

Alrighty, PVC is prepped, the surface it will be mounted to is all set, we’re ready to rock! I have enough working space to glue 4 pieces of PVC and then set it aside to dry. A little while later I start feeling a bit…off. I figure I probably over did it on the Wii Fit and go to grab a glass of water. WHOA! Walking past the PVC had vapors hit me like a brick wall.

Everything to the garage, doors and windows open. Forty degrees out? Too bad. Thankfully there was some good wind whipping and the house seemed to be fine in about 10 minutes. But now we have a problem.

Clearly the fumes are too strong for indoors when I use that much of the glue. And it is too cold to do this outside (32 degrees so far today). I need….an exhaust fan. Maybe like the one… the bathroom!

And I thought about it for a minute. Me, trying to balance this big piece of plywood on top of the toilet. I actually started to laugh at the whole image I was conjuring up. Sad part? I bet it would work like a charm, but I just can’t bring myself to do that in the bathroom.

I’m not exactly sure where to take this now. Maybe I can set up in the guest room and throw a box fan in the window. We’ll see.


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