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The weekend came and went too fast. With so much to do in order to install this dust collector, it has become painfully obvious this coming weekend will be spent working on just that.

The progress stands at the moment with 5 sets of partially finished blast gates. Blast gates are like doorways that will be opened or closed in the ductwork to direct the suction to the machine in use. I’ve been assembling them with Gorilla Glue, which totally rocks. Besides probably being able to hold an even bigger guy suspended in mid-air by a hardhat than Krazy Glue, it foams up a bit as it dries. That means I am guaranteed an airtight seal wherever I use it.

And speaking of airtight seals, I am using some chimney pipe in a few areas as well, which will be getting a nice bead of silicone along the seam. It probably doesn’t need it, but when air is being sucked through there at 850cfm, I want to be sure I’m not losing suction.

In other shop news, my router table has found a new home near the dust collector. This not only decreases the amount of ductwork and grounding wire I need to run, but it also opens up a nearly 3 foot wide space to the side of one of my work tables. I haven’t decided what I will to with the space yet, but I’m tempted to build a table extension. Maybe down the road I will.

One thing I need to start getting into the habit of now is bringing my glue inside. With temperatures dropping, it is getting hard for it to make its way out of the bottle. That means the items being glued will also start coming indoors. I found out the crawl space above the garage and the garage walls aren’t insulated, so that is probably the next thing I try to get done in there. As much as adding foam panels to the doors helped reduce heat in the summer, they don’t seem to do a thing for fighting the cold. There’s just too many other ways for heat to escape I guess.

So that’s the update on the dust collector. With any luck, I’ll be posting some pictures Monday of the finished shop 🙂


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