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Bump Day: Abelee’s Handcrafted

Welcome to the 7th edition of Bump Day!

Bump Day is for a crafter from Etsy to offer up some advice and hopefully get some karma in the form of a little bump in recognition. If you have advice to offer and would like to be featured, please convo me via

This week’s Top 5 Suggestions are from Lee of Abelee’s Handcrafted. Abelee’s Handcrafted offers a wide variety of hand made earrings. Don’t let your ears go naked- check out her shop!

Abelee’s Handcrafted Shop

Official Website

Her Blog
And now, on to the tips!

5 Tips by Lee

1) First and foremost, don’t do it for money; do it for love.

Whatever your craft, you probably started doing it because you were drawn to it, emotionally, creatively, spiritually and it brings you some measure of joy or peace when you’re working on it. We all need money, that’s a given; but if you’re just chasing the hottest trend, or making belts when you want to be making bags, knitting when you’d prefer to be crocheting, you’ll start to see your craft as a job eventually. In addition, it may take quite a while before you begin to see a return on your investment.

2) Practice your art/craft as often as you can.

Everyone gets better with practice. I’m actually a little embarrassed about the earrings I made and sold two years ago. They weren’t as well crafted as the ones I make now, and I use better materials than I did then. Even the most
famous and accomplished singers, dancers, and concert pianists practice all the time to get better.

3) If you’re selling online, take good pictures.

You don’t necessarily have to buy or make a light box and you don’t need the most expensive equipment. Use the macro feature on your digital camera to get clearer close-ups, take your time, get as much light as you can on the item, and take 5-10 pictures from different angles and pick only the best ones to post online. Crafts always sell better in
stores and at shows because people can see and feel the items, so you need to post the most attractive photos you can produce.

4) Connect with fellow crafters, on and offline, whenever you can.

We’re quite a friendly bunch, and you will learn from and be inspired by fellow crafters. If you don’t care for forums or chat, just go to crafting sites or blogs and read or see what others are doing. DON’T copy; STUDY.

5) If you’re just starting out, don’t buy everything you *think* you might possibly need.

As time goes by, you’ll eventually focus in one direction or another and will want to spend your money stocking up on
what you really want and need. Avoid being like the first-time bowler who thinks they’re in love with the game after one session, and goes out to buy a ball, shoes and a bag that wind up sitting in the back of the closet. 🙂


3 comments on “Bump Day: Abelee’s Handcrafted

  1. Patty
    November 12, 2008

    Some wonderful tips from a very talented lady.

  2. Deronda
    November 14, 2008

    Great tips and what a wonderful idea…and I am not telling how many bowling balls and shoes are hiding in the back of my closet.

  3. Lee
    November 18, 2008

    LOL, Deronda!

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