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And That’s All I Need!

Sometimes, I can’t help but to feel like Steve Martin, in “The Jerk”. Well, not like his character so much, but more just the end part when he loses everything he has and goes on this little rant:

I got the dust collector.

Then I needed the electrician.

Then I needed duct work (OK, this part was expected).

Then I needed to get the stuff to make blast gates, because I forgot to get it while I was getting the duct work. And, because I can make the 5 I need for what it would cost me to buy 2 pre-made.

And that’s all I need. The dust collector, the electrician, the duct work, and the blast gate material. And that’s all I need. I don’t need any, well I need time to make the blast gates. And to attach and hang the duct work with the grounding wire run inside of it, but then that’s all I need.

My niece and nephew have a birthday party this weekend, so we’ll see if I can get it done between raking the insane amount of leaves I have left, and their party.


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