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Today is a good day. Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have my first honest to goodness sale (a helicopter craft kit), and it feels great! To have come up with an idea, build it from scratch and find that somebody else likes it enough to buy it was a fantastic experience. Now I just hope the recipient enjoys the toy as much as my daughter enjoys hers 🙂

I don’t think it’s any secret that “Greco Woodcrafting” is really just me. I do the creating, building, selling, bookkeeping, etc… But, the reason why I refer to the company as “we”, like in my ‘About‘ section, is because without the support of my wife, there’s no way my dream could have become a reality. I have a long way to go before the company is profitable, but this was a huge step forward.

I have said for years it was my dream to retire and open a little toy shop, and then a string of toy recalls made me think this was a good time to start working towards that. I only work on the toys on weekends, and even then it’s only as time allows, but I have been loving every minute of it. Now with one of my toys in the mail, I hope the person that gets it has as much fun playing with it as I had making it 🙂

When my wife got home from work last night she gave me a card. On the front, “Dream, Strive, Believe” and on the inside, “Succeed”.

I may never have a million dollar company, but right now I couldn’t be happier 🙂


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