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This was a great weekend. We got to bring our daughter and son trick-or-treating and had my niece and nephew join us with my sister in law and brother in law. There were some truly impressive decorations, and the kids seemed to really have a great time. Of course my 8 month old son didn’t actually trick-or-treat, he was just dressed as a spider going around with us….and taking off his socks the entire time. What can I say- the kid hates wearing socks.

We also had an electrician come out Friday. Remember how I said I didn’t want a 220v dust collector because I didn’t want to have an outlet installed? Well apparently the draw this thing makes on a 110v outlet requires- yes, Requires- its own 20 Amp breaker. I tried plugging it in a couple of times, only to have the breaker flip. The outlets in the garage are all wired to 15 Amp breakers with who knows what else sharing those breakers.

So we tried to make the most of having somebody out here and had a few other things taken care of at the same time, though this meant it became a 2 day job. Which in turn means, I went the weekend with no dust collector still, but that’s OK. I can hold out a few more days. I definitely could have used it, but then I would have spent the majority of the weekend setting up the duct work instead of working. And boy did I work!

I went from having 1 Helicopter Craft Kit listed for sale to having 3, AND I was able to come up with a new toy idea. It’s a race car & pick-up truck combo that will be sold as a pair. It is all ready to go except for needing a bit more sanding on the edges to smooth them down and getting wheels for them that I had to order. I made them out of Pine in an effort to keep the materials cost down a bit and, in turn, be able to sell it at a lower price. I know how tough times are right now for a lot of people, hopefully I can offer an option for an affordable toy to put under the tree that kids will enjoy 🙂

The weekend wrapped up with an Eagles win, edging them into 3rd place in their division over Dallas. The first quarter was U-G-L-Y, but after that they really played well. If they can keep playing like that and stay healthy, maybe they have a chance at some post-season games this year. We’ll see.


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