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Thanks, But Maybe Later

First off, no Bump Day yesterday- I know. I didn’t get any submissions, and despite my wife’s suggestion of my own Bump Day set, it was really meant to help others so I left the day blank.

Now, onto more important things like coffee. I love coffee, but it has been a slow road for me to be able to say that. It started with one of my friends introducing me to coffee ice cream back in High School. Mmm, the tasty creaminess is still a favorite flavor of mine.

In college I met my wife, who used to work in a mom and pop type coffee house where they added the flavored oils to the beans right on site. She got me to start drinking coffee, though I was hesitant at first. I had no idea how much caffeine was in a cup of coffee- all I knew was once when I pulled an all-nighter studying for the final in my Engineering Drawing class I was eating Vivarin like candy. Test time came, I sat down, wrote my name down and crashed SO hard I thought I was going to pass out. Dizzy, light headed, nauseas, sweating- it was all I could do to make it through the exam. Line projection theory is tough enough without feeling like you’ve just discovered what your own personal Hell would be like.

For those wondering, line projection theory is taking a line on a sheet of paper and imagining it to be in a 3 dimensional space. Say it measured 6 inches long on the paper- you might be asked to determine how long it would appear if the line was rotated 20 degrees. It involves re-mapping this line all over the page until you have the final line and was really pushing the limits of what I could handle mathematically under normal circumstances, lt alone my caffeine crash. And yes- Math is my weak subject.

SO anyway, we fast forward to today and I love coffee. More than that, though- I need coffee. At night I barely sleep, and during the day I can’t nap. So yes, I need coffee to get me through the day. Now, we recently had to replace our coffee machine. Nothing fancy, we just needed something that would make coffee. Mr. Coffee seemed to fit right in, it was small yet makes 12 cups, and was fairly inexpensive. The problem, however, is the pot. I have to pour my coffee over the sink because the pot will have coffee running down the sides almost every time. At least when it happens over the sink, I can think “Ha! I got you that time, Mr. Coffee” before I stop to wonder if I said that aloud.

Well, I don’t know if you’ve seen this or not but there is a new coffee machine out. It has NO pot! No- not those single cup things where you need special coffee frisbies to stick inside, this makes coffee and holds it in a tank. When you’re ready for some, it has a little dispenser like you would see for water on the refrigerator. How cool is that?! That is definitely something I could see myself getting into (I love kitchen gadgets), but where we bought that Mr. Coffee so rcently I’d feel like we wasted the money if we replaced it.

So thanks, but maybe later. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go hold my coffee pot over the sink.


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