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What a Weekend!

Wow, I’m sitting here thinking over everything we did this weekend and can’t believe how much there is to cover.

Friday the wife took a day off from work and we made our way over to the Philadelphia Zoo. Only a 25 minute ride from where we live now, so I think next year we’ll probably get the membership passes. We started off with my daughter and me taking a ride in the hot air balloon. She LOVED it and exclaimed “Daddy, I can see th city!” as we got to the top of the 400 foot ascent. She didn’t love the wind that was kind of whipping around up there at times. It was a chilly day to begin with. Then she got to ride their new Amazon Rainforest Carousel the day before it was scheduled to have its Grand Opening, which kind of made up for not being able to do the pony ride.

Saturday I got to work in the garage on my toys, and was pretty happy with the progress I made. I was able to finish up a couple of my Helicopter Craft Kits, one for my daughter and one to sell. I also picked up a retractable extension cord that I’m going to mount in the ceiling of the garage so I’m not dragging the same one between my cutting station and my sanding station. Besides, I’ll need a more dedicated power source once my new dust collector gets here Wednesday. Yep, you heard me right- I broke down and am making the switch from a shop-vac to the real deal. Can you say filters down to 1 micron? Hello! This means part of next weekend will be spent running the ductwork for the dust collector, but well worth it to save my lungs.

Sunday we decided it was pumpkin time, and so we drove a bit north to PA just across the Delaware from Trenton to head to Snipes. We did a hay ride, our daughter picked out a couple of pumpkins in the pumpkin patch, then we took the hay ride back to the main area for some more fun. Live music, a mini corn maze for kids (and a HUMONGOUS one for adults, if you have the time- we didn’t), a story teller, a kids play area, and of course, a bakery. Snipes has “pick your own” apples, so needless to say there were quite a few apple pies there. Unfortunately, the only kind of pie I like is pizza pie, so we got a few candy and caramel apples, instead.

Then once we were home, I carved up th bigger of the two pumpkins, watched the Eagles win on my DVR, AND got to see the Phillies slamming home run after home run. They won their 3rd game in the World Series right around the time I finished writing my instruction sheet for the helicopter craft kit.

Somehow, we really managed to squeeze a lot of stuff into a few days, and all the running around was totally worth it.


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