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Bump Day #6: AJK Artistry

After a bit of an unexpected delay, welcome to the sixth edition of Bump Day!

Bump Day is for a crafter from Etsy to offer up some advice and hopefully get some karma in the form of a little bump in recognition. If you have advice to offer and would like to be featured, please convo me via

This week’s Top 5 Suggestions are from Alison at AJK Artistry. AJK Artistry specializes in watercolor art, handmade paper goods and custom design work. Sincce she ships to anywhere, there’s no reason for you to think you shouldn’t go look at her creations. You Should!

AJK Artistry Website

AJK Artistry Cardshop

AJK Artistry Art Shop

AJK Artistry Blog

And now, better late than never….the tips!

5 Tips by Alison of AJK Artistry

1) Business Cards

A must for every business owner, or serious crafter. Leave them everywhere! Send them out with orders, drop them off with the kids at daycare or school, supermarket bulletin boards- this year, my trick-or-treaters will be getting a card with their candy! Inexpensive (and quality) printing is available through, Kinkos and more.

2) Think about what you do

Is it knitting? Jewelry? Greeting Cards? Take your craft out to those it would appeal to best! Small boutiques, card shops, clubs… even if you don’t want to get into wholesaling or consigning your wares, a lot of these places may be willing to put a sample of your work in their shop, along with your business cards. It’s worth a try, right?

3) Blogs

A blog is such a great tool for promoting, and the best part is- it’s FREE! I post only once in a while and it definitely generates interest in me and my company. Lots of times I’ve Googled myself and my blog often comes up before my Etsy shop does. Posting often, only increases the traffic, so keep up with it (better than I do…).

4) Websites

Don’t have to be pricey! And, you don’t need to be an HTML wizard to do your own. is a great site that hosts mine and it’s the easiest program to grab hold of-no experience necessary! Design and redesign as much as you want and the basic package starts at 10 bucks a month! People are constantly finding my work through my website (which links to my Etsy shops), and many of my sales have come as a result of having it.

5) Word of Mouth

The best possible promotion there is! Previous buyers of my art and cards have suggested me to friends (in addition to re-buying all the time) and co-workers come to me first, when they’re looking for personalized invitations or an ’emergency’ card. Telling people about your business is invaluable. Even if they don’t ‘bite’ right away, they’ll remember what you do and seek you out when they need something special. Plus, in these economically stressed times, a lot of people are more willing to support someone they know, rather than a big chain store. Just be sure to keep your business cards handy!


2 comments on “Bump Day #6: AJK Artistry

  1. Jennifer Stewart
    October 22, 2008

    Wonderful tips! Thank you! I think I’m heading in the right direction! Yeah!!!

  2. AJK
    October 22, 2008

    Thank you! Glad I could help!

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