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Bedtime Business

When I was a kid, I had a teddy bear. Actually, I had a few of them through the years. At some point I decided that when my mother was kissing me goodnight, she should also kiss my teddy bear. She fought it; she clearly had no interest whatsoever in kissing my teddy bear goodnight, but in the end she did what any good mother would do. She puckered up and gave his fuzzy nose a kiss. I’m not sure why this stayed with me so clearly, but it has.

Some people believe in karma. I’m one of those people. Others believe in a thing called “mommy revenge”. I think that’s pushing it a bit, but I couldn’t help but have that pop into my head when my daughter asked me to kiss her stuffed unicorn goodnight. I stood there for a moment, sighed, and instantly remembered going through this with my mother when I was little. I knew it was a fight I would lose, and so I gave the unicorn a kiss on her fuzzy nose.

Now, you might be thinking this is a bit extreme, but just wait. Our daughter has gone through several variations of her bedtime routine, and fortunately this was short lived. A week at best. For a while there was this combo:

  • Big Hug
  • Big Kiss
  • “Nosies” (aka Eskimo Kiss)
  • “Scary” High Five’s (one’s where she would high five us so hard, it was meant to scare us)

At some point she tried adding “Eyesies” to this, where she wanted us to rub eyes together like we rub noses- that one never happened.

But now, her bedtime routine has again morphed. There is the typical hugs and kisses (after a couple of books are read), and then it begins.

“Wait, Daddy. I have to tell you something.”

Now, if I were to leave without letting her tell me, she would cry hysterically until she gets to tell me. I’ve found this out first-hand. So, knowing what is coming, I play along and ask “What is it, sweety?”.

  • “Puppy dogs have tails”
  • “And puppy dogs have eyes”
  • “And puppy dogs have a nose”
  • “And puppy dogs do poopy on the ground, and gas on the ground, and pee-pee on the ground”
  • “And puppy dogs bark”
  • “And puppy dogs run”
  • “And puppy dogs chew”
  • “And puppy dogs dig holes”

I’m sure I’m missing some, the list itself varies slightly each night and is rattled off at break-neck speed. All of these are things that she has figured out by watching other people’s dogs and by thinking through what puppy dogs do, so I am pretty impressed with how many things she comes up with.

Plus, I figure hey- it’s better than when I had to kiss the unicorn.


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