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Bump Day #5: AbbieRoad Artful Designs

Welcome to the fifth edition of Bump Day!

Bump Day is for a crafter from Etsy to offer up some advice and hopefully get some karma in the form of a little bump in recognition. If you have advice to offer and would like to be featured please convo me via

This week’s Top 5 Suggestions are from AbbieRoad Artful Designs. Abbie uses her creativity to make buttons, screen printed clothes and amazing prints. Abbie is also one of the leaders of the EtsyNJ Team AND (yes, there’s more!) one of the coordinators for The Handmade Faire. Freshen up your coffee and browse through some of her links:

AbbieRoad Artful Designs

Official Website of AbbieRoad Artful Designs

The Handmade Faire

Abbie’s Blog

And now for this weeks Top 5 Suggestions from AbbieRoad Artful Designs:

Top 5 Things to keep in mind when choosing an Art & Craft Show! by AbbieRoad Artful Designs

1)   Don’t do shows that allow flea market items:

Shoppers will want to spend .25c on everything, shoppers come with pocket change, not original art/craft money! Your work is worth what you price it at, and there is no reason to bargain or feel like you’re overpricing items!

2)      Don’t do shows that allow retail/craft items:

Getting setup next to someone selling Avon, Tastefully Simple, etc, will drive traffic, yes, but they are looking for freebies, samples, etc. The kit crafts will not compare to yours, they will generally be cheaply made and priced to move. These are not the items you want to be surrounded with, and not the customer base you are looking for!

3)      Don’t let a juried show scare you!

This is good! This means that they are looking for quality, original pieces and that is what you will be surrounded by when you get in! The crowd knows what to expect, and they want unique, original, meticulously crafted items – and expect to pay for that quality!

4)      How did you hear about it?

Pick a show that is well talked about/anticipated. If you had to search through the dregs of the internet to hear any buzz about it, and nobody else has heard much of anything about it – you might be better off going as a customer and checking it out before shelling out the $$ for a table.

5)      Who else will be there?

This isn’t the rule 100% of the time, but from my personal experience, I’ve decided that shows where they have a ton of children’s entertainment are not for me. I’ve found that even if the parents are wanting to shop and spend money, the kids are there pulling on their arm at every second to take them to the rides.

Now, as a parent, I know it wouldn’t stop me from shopping “stop it or I won’t take you to the bounce house!” would probably do the trick, but, alas, not all parents are that way! Plus, I love kids, but I don’t love their sticky funnel cake laced fingers all over my stuff. I may make an exception for a few reasons – like, if I know the coordinators, if the show is well attended enough to makeup for for the messy fingers, or something like that.

One thing I always do is support the art shows that happen in my own town. I go in there knowing that they might be a bust, but they have to start somewhere and I’m willing to put in the time to build a better art scene in my town. So, always keep that in mind when choosing shows too!


4 comments on “Bump Day #5: AbbieRoad Artful Designs

  1. Melissa
    October 15, 2008

    Great advice from Abbie!

  2. claire
    October 15, 2008

    Thanks Abbie!

  3. Abbie
    October 15, 2008

    Thanks for including my tips John! Hope they’re helpful!

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