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Pass the Pepto, Please

I love pizza. I am ind of picky about where I’ll get it from, but once I find a good place (preferably pizza like NYC pizza) you can count on me putting 3-4 slices into the ol’ tummy. It’s become a sort of running joe among my in-laws, “Don’t get too close to John- he’s eating pizza. You might lose finger”.

Back in college, I once ate almost an entire sicillian pizza through the course of a football game on a bet. I was 4 slices away from winning having my laundry done for a week. But not even that compares to the headline I saw when I woe up this morning:

“Man Eats 45 Slices of Pizza in 10 Minutes”

WOW! I can’t fathom putting that much food in my stomach, even something I love, like pizza. So to you, Joey Chestnut, my hat is off. *bow*

In other news a bit closer to the home front, the wife and daughter went to Jelly Bean-Jungle this weekend. Much fun was had, and my daughter particularly enjoyed her playmate there. A tip for anybody going there: If you get there when they open Saturday morning, your kids will have the run of the place.

This coming weekend is a busy one. My niece and nephew will be coming over for us to watch them for a bit Saturday, that should be a lot of fun šŸ™‚ The kids just love playing together, and it’s nice getting to watch them have so much fun. Sunday is the Washington’s Crossing trip I mentioned in an earlier entry. Weather permitting, but hopefully it will be nice. The leaves should be perfectly colorful.

And lastly, I’m expecting (hoping) to finish the helicopter craft kit this week. Stay tuned for more word on that, and don’t forget this Wednesday is another Bump Day!


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