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Wait, What Day Is It Again?

Each Thursday night, the wife and I watch The Office. If we can’t catch it live, we record it. Worst case scenario, we watch it OnDemand but inevitably, we watch it. But I’m straying from my point already.

Last night we watched it live, and afterwards saw the new “Weekend Update” bit of Saturday Night Live which now has the 30 minute slot immediately after The Office. And I have to say- What the heck is up with that? Don’t get me wrong- Tina Fey as Sarah Palin aside, the weekend update is usually the only other part of the show I enjoy anymore. But there are a few problems here.

First of all there’s the glaringly obvious that it’s on THURSDAY night! Yes, Saturday Night Live now has an airing on Thursday. But since Saturday Night Live is the name of the show, which jus happens to coincide with when it typically airs, we’ll look past this.

Second, how can you use the intro at the end of the first sketch “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” on a Thursday? Now, it is entirely possible that they said “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night Live!” which would have made sense, but I really don’t think they did. At least that’s not how I recall it.

And lastly, Weekend Update? Again- it’s Thursday! At best it’s a sort of mid-week update, but definitely not a Weekend Update.

In all I enjoyed it. Like most other Weekend Update sketches, I can remember a few parts but mostly it just kept me entertained for those 30 minutes. I’m interested to see what they do Saturday night, since they’ve already used up 30 minutes worth of material, though.

And in one final, completely non-related topic- I’m an Author! Well, not in the typical sense of the word. I’m a member of the EtsyNJ team, a group of artists from NJ who all sell our goods on The team has a blog, and I have been made an author for the blog! Basically, this means that I can submit entries to the team blog and I won’t have to wait for Editor approval before it is published. I will have some segments over there on Tuesdays along with roughly every other Saturday.

With all of that said, enjoy your weekend! I have a busy one ahead of me, so expect a big write-up Monday 🙂


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