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And Now For Something Completely Different

As you have probably noticed, the ol’ blog got a face lift yesterday. A snip here, a tuck there. Well, not so much- it was really more like I just developed a better sense of what I wanted this to look like, and went hunting for some pre-made layouts.

One of the things that I really like about this is the “About” page is right there for all of my visitors to see. I also like the color scheme, which for me seems to be more soothing than the last one. Below the “About” there are 2 columns, whereas the previous one only had 1 column to the side. As my blogroll got bigger, things were being pushed further down the page. Not a problem with this layout. I am pretty satisfied with it, I have to say 🙂

Now for some talk about wood, which I’m sure you were all just waiting on the edge of your seats for :p I have 2 8 foot long boards of 1×5 Mahogany that I am ITCHING to use.

The 2 tall boards are the pieces of Mahogany

The 2 tall boards are the pieces of Mahogany

I was hoping to make some great kids version toys with them (unfinished, so they are not toxic), but keep thinking it would be such a shame to let the true grain and color not shine through. There are some wood workers who use salad bowl oil, which is non-toxic after it cures, but I don’t trust the quality control enough to use this. If I made toy with salad bowl oil as the finish, sold it then found out that oil was recalled because of contaminants, I’d be ill. As a father, I refuse to sell toys for other kids unless I feel safe letting my own kids use the toys in the same condition.

So, I while I am working on my current project I am keeping the wheels turning on what might be some good projects for the Mahogany. This inlay for the Bell-Tel truck was done with Birch and Mahogany- you can see how the richness of the Mahogany really pops with some hand rubbed Tung Oil:

Mahogany Bell

Mahogany Bell

Well, OK- maybe it’s hard to tell there. After all, that bell is only about a half of an inch square lol. Feel free to leave any suggestions!


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