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It’s Almost the Weekend!

I love the weekend. It is, without a doubt, my favorite part of the week. I know a lot of people feel the same way, but most of those people are happy because they are off from work. Me? I get to work!

You have to understand something. First, I’m a stay at home father. Our three and a half year old daughter goes to school 3 days a week, but our six month old son is here 24/7. That means no opportunities to do any work Monday through Friday. Sure, I might get lucky and have some small light work to do that I can sit at th kitchen table working on, but generally I am working with power tools in the garage. This brings me to my second point.

I work out of my garage! Do you know how tempting it is to do what you love and have your workplace just a few steps away at all times? For me, it’s hard. Fortunately, I love getting to spend time with my kids, so that helps ease the temptation. But after spending 5 days thinking, planning, plotting what I will work on and how I will go about it, the weekend is welcomed with open arms 🙂

Thirdly, my wife is home with the family on weekends. She has an hour long commute each way, meaning she is out of the house by 7am and generally not home until 7pm on a good day. Weekends are actually a combination of work time, family time and (ugh) yard work time (in no specific order).

Lastly, Autumn is here and the leaves are starting to change. It won’t be much longer before we have our 11th annual picnic in Washington’s Crossing. If you time it just right with all of the leaves changing on a nice, cool day it is one of the most peaceful places on Earth. This is the first time our son will be with us (well, he was with us last year as a bump in my wife’s belly), so I’m sure much video will be taken of the two kids as we stroll through the park after lunch.

So for anybody wondering, there you have it. Why I love the weekends 🙂


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