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Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In

When I was a new father a few years ago, I did a lot of reading. I wanted to make sure I was as good of a father as I could be to my daughter, so I left no stone unturned. I learned two things that made an impact on me:

1) Every parenting magazine assumes the reader is the mother. They have a few articles for dad’s, but there was clearly more motherly advice, and all of it phrased in a way that was in-your-face for me as a father (articles like ’10 ways for us to pamper ourselves’ never had a single thing for dad).

It got to bothering me so much, at one point I considered starting a parenting magazine geared towards the stay at home father. Then I realized I know absolutely nothing about that industry and had to settle for my underlying contempt for those articles.

2) Baby’s have a hard time understanding pronouns (I, you, he, she, etc..). In an effort for my daughter to not be confused, I took to the task of referring to myself in the third person. “Daddy is so happy!” Ugh. It took some time, but before long I was able to handle it.

My daughter is now three and a half years old and I was SO glad to finally be starting to break myself of the habit (yes- it became complete habit for me to refer to myself in the third person whenever I was talking with my daughter). But, now we have a 7 month old son and here I go all over again with the third person references.

What’s worse, is that I need to try and distinguish when my conversation moves from talking to my son to talking to my daughter and try to transition from third to first person. I’d be ill if my daughter started to go around talking in the third person because she thought that was how you were supposed to speak (Elmo’s World, anyone?).

In other news, yesterday I sat down to watch my favorite show, Wood Works with David Marks. He gave a tour of his workshop- WOW! 1600 square feet….I am using half of our 2 car garage and was happy with the set-up I finally achieved in roughly 260 square feet. If I had 1600 square feet? Phew- I don’t think I can even wrap my mind around that. His first workshop was a 2 car garage, then he bought some property in Northern California that had an old horse barn which is now his workshop. It’s also where they do all of the filming for his show, and where he teaches some of his classes.

If anybody is wondering what to get me for Christmas, one of his classes would be just fine đŸ™‚


One comment on “Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In

  1. alexladydesigns
    October 1, 2008

    my friend dave JUST brought up the parent-magazine issue in his blog:

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